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On December 24, 2020 I was granted a tour of the Marion, NC bottling plant.  I was extremely impressed by the company’s capabilities but even more so by the professionalism of the plant manager, Ken Porter.  Mr. Porter has vast experience in the beverage and bottling field to include Nestle and Coca-Cola.  He took the time to share with me the manufacturing process and plant capabilities to include an explanation of the company’s water filter system.  I am thrilled to see how the plant is prepared to manufacture its’ own bottling production, conduct third-party white label production, extend its production capabilities with additional production lines and meet industrial demand using two huge storage tankers.  I was also pleased to hear more about the company’s plans to fill the local brewery demand.  In talking with the CEO, Lenny Greene before I visit, I found a man who understands that success does not happen overnight but that steady upward progression is the key.  He is old school like me and holds morals, ethics and values in high regard.   Also, after purchasing multiple Be Water cases I must say that the product tastes great (better than any other brand I have had) and is very refreshing.  All and all, I am incredibly grateful to be a shareholder at this time and believe that Greene Concepts is bound for great success. 

– Jon H. (Smithmill, PA)